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Dear Friends,
As we are closing in on the end of this year’s legislative session which concludes at the end of August, I wanted to alert you to an important issue that is coming up. Next week, we will likely hear a budget bill that imposes a new $60 million tax on cell phones.
9-1-1 services are in jeopardy because their funding hasn’t been made a priority in the budget. Rather than dedicating a portion of the state’s existing $9 billion surplus, the majority party is instead leveraging our safety to pass this new tax.
With a $9 billion surplus, I believe the state has plenty of money to fund these important services. The legislature doesn’t need to take even more money out of our pockets.
It’s not too late for people to make their voices heard on this issue. You can send this email to your friends and family throughout the state and ask them to call their Senators and say NO to the new cell phone tax.

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It’s an honor to serve you.
Joel Anderson
State Senator