Senator Brian W. Jones

For too long communities across my district have had to worry about the state sneaking around trying to release or parole dangerous sexually violent predators in unsuspecting neighborhoods. Last year, families in Mt. Helix, Ranchita, Borrego Springs, and Rancho Bernardo were jolted by the state’s attempt to put not just one but in some cases two Sexually Violent Predators in their communities. The recent proposed placements of Sexually Violent Predators Douglas Badger and Merle Wakefield fit an ongoing pattern of deceit and deception by the State and represent a broken process that needs to end.
That is why I am authoring the “Sexually Violent Predator Accountability, Fairness, and Enforcement Act” (SAFE Act) to prevent the state from continuing to try and secretly dump Sexually Violent Predators (SVPs) in East and North San Diego County, as well as other unsuspecting communities throughout our state.

The SAFE Act will require real transparency in the SVP placement process, force state officials to own up to their placement decisions and make public safety the highest priority! 
If you agree with me that this process is broken, and our communities deserve better from State Government, please sign up to Support the SAFE Act! To learn more, please visit my website at
I will continue to oppose the placement of any Sexually Violent Predators in our community and this bill is the first step to protect our communities.

Brian W. Jones
State Senator, District 38

P.S. We need to spread the word about the SAFE Act! Please forward this email to your friends and family.