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Dear Friends,
We are in the thick of it here in Sacramento with upcoming deadlines for our bills, but I wanted to be sure you were apprised of the legislation that I have introduced this year to help alleviate the various concerns I have heard in the district and across our state. 
See the full list below:
SB 38 Battery Safety Plan
Battery storage will be a necessary tool in the state’s efforts to combat climate change. This bill requires increased worker safety that includes an emergency response plan and an evacuation plan at battery storage facilities.
SB 39 Sierra Nevada Conservancy
Restructures the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Subregions and includes climate resilience and equity as a stated goal.
SB 80 Retail Installment Contracts: Font Size
Increases the font size on installment contracts to help consumers be better aware of the terms and obligations when signing.
SB 269 Combined Distillery and Winery
Allows a licensed distillery and licensed winery to be located at the same property to utilize one venue for their retail sales and tastings.
SB 272 Sea Level Rising Plan
Helps address concerns from coastal communities with climate change, as well as, protect coastal resilience by establishing seal level rise planning and adaptation guidelines for local governments.
SB 280 Conservatorship
Protects those under conservatorship by requiring their conservator to submit a care plan, within 120 days of appointment, and within 10 days before a hearing to determine the continuation or termination of an existing conservatorship. 
SB 304 Monterey-Salinas Transit District
Aligns the Monterey-Salinas Transit District state limit of $100,000 with the Federal Transit Administration’s established federal limit of $150,000 to allow for more effective procurement of supplies. 
SB 327 CalSTRS Backdate Cap
Effective no later than January 1, 2026, and determined by the Teachers’ Retirement Board, reduces the timeframe members may backdate their service retirement during evaluation of a disability application up to 180 calendar days prior to when CalSTRS receives their application. 
SB 416 LEED Certification
Ensures LEED Gold or higher certification on all new State Buildings or major renovation projects larger than 10,000 square feet. Shows a further commitment by the state to tackle climate change. 
SB 506 PUC Railroad Safety
Requires the PUC to develop and implement a colored pavement markings project at one or more at-grade highway-railroad crossings no later than January 1, 2026 to measure and evaluate the effectiveness it has in reducing safety incidents. 
SB 508 CEQA Cannabis
Streamlines receiving a cannabis license at the state level by not requiring a state CEQA review so long as the local government has done their own review and due diligence. 
SB 510 CalHR Probation Period
Recasts provisions in government code to specify that probationary period commences on the first day that the employee reports to work or begins performing the job duties. 

SB 540 Cannabis Brochure
Ensures consumers have readily accessible information regarding responsible cannabis use through the creation of a brochure by the Department of Cannabis Control. Brochures must be made available in retailers and microbusinesses starting March 1, 2025.
SB 544 Bagley-Keen Open Meeting Act
Amends existing law to remove indefinitely certain teleconference requirements that were in place pre - pandemic. This will allow state bodies to have greater accessibility to all Californians.
SB 560 EPR Tanks
Establishes a stewardship program for gas cylinder products to improve our environment and help reduce the number of hazardous waste products that end up in our waste facilities.
SB 564 Sheriff Fees
Allows an increase in fees for the services provided by sheriffs and marshals. Fees are collected for services rendered such as serving, executing, and processing required court notices, writs, orders, among other services. 
SB 610 Legislative Oversight
Requires the CA Energy Commission to appear before relevant policy committees in the legislature. Currently, the CPUC is the only required energy agency to appear and report their activities.
SB 623 Emergency Responders PTSI
Extends the sunset of existing PTSI presumption for firefighters and law enforcement through January 1, 2032. This bill would also expand coverage to include public safety 911 dispatchers and additional state department emergency responders; ensuring they have access to the mental health services they deserve. 
SB 756 Cannabis Warrants
Helps address concerns with water quality and availability by giving the State Water Resources Control board more authority to investigate and pursue enforcement actions against illegal cannabis activity/cultivation. 
SB 761 Civil Rights Investigation
Authorizes the Attorney General to conduct an investigation of nonprofit religious corporations, and to obtain judicial relief necessary to address the abuse and neglect of children.
SB 857 LGBTQ+ Taskforce
Protects our LGBTQ+ students by creating an Advisory Task Force to identify statewide needs for the LGBTQ+ community and assist in implementing supportive policies. The Taskforce will be under the Superintendent of State Public Instruction.
SB 862 Agricultural Pest Advisory Board
Gives the public more representation on the Ag Pest Control Advisory Board by adding an additional public member to the board
We have been working with a multitude of stakeholders on these bills, and I look forward to keeping you updated on when they move forward in the legislative process.

Warm Regards,

John Laird
Senator, 17th District

Proudly representing the constituents of California Senate District 17

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