Assemblywoman Valladares
October 17, 2022

Assemblywoman Valladares Proposes Bill to Ban Homeless Camps Near Schools, Parks, and Libraries
Santa Clarita, CA – Assemblywoman Suzette Martinez Valladares (Santa Clarita) announced today a bill to make the recent Los Angeles City ordinance banning homeless camps within 500 feet of schools, daycare centers, parks, and libraries, a statewide law.

The bill is modeled after Los Angeles City Ordinance 41.18, which was recently amended to prohibit camping within 500 feet of sensitive areas frequented by children.

“Homelessness in California is at an inflection point,” said Valladares. “Parents are concerned about letting their kids walk to school on sidewalks littered with used needles and cluttered by sprawling tent encampments.”

The proposal would help speed up the removal and cleaning of heavily impacted areas to ensure that parents and their kids can safely access schools, daycares, parks, and libraries.

“It is the basic responsibility of government to keep people safe. My proposal, in addition to Governor Newsom’s CARE Court bill I supported earlier this year, will help direct the homeless to housing and health services while also restoring safety to the public spaces our kids use every day.” 

Valladares will introduce the bill in the State Assembly at the start of the next legislative session.