Assemblyman James Gallagher

Only in California would we be told when we should watch TV, use our AC, or do laundry. The energy crisis we're having in California is a result of bad policy. This all could have been avoided had Democratic leaders invested in our grid and cared about the consequences shutting down gas plants would have on Californians.
You can't skip the transition part of the energy transition. Wind and solar alone can't keep up with our energy demands. Ironically, natural gas plants were supplying more than half the state’s power to barely keep the lights on in California this past weekend.
Newsom asking Californians not to charge their electric vehicles shortly after mandating electric vehicles is a joke in itself. The cost of living is through the roof in California but we're going to mandate that people have electric vehicles that are over $60,000? People are already leaving the state, imagine how fast they're going to leave if we take their cars and trucks away.
Watch this clip from Fox News for more of my thoughts.

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