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TELL SACRAMENTO ELITES - Stop Playing Games With Public Safety

Politicians in Sacramento are interfering with voters’ right to have a voice in the policies that affect them, threatening to force Californians into a false choice between a package of bills addressing organized thefts and a citizen-led initiative to increase penalties for fentanyl trafficking and certain property crimes.

The truth is, voters, not Capitol insiders, should decide what happens with this initiative at the November election – free from intimidation and sabotage from elected officials.

It’s wrong for elected officials to use their office to influence the outcome of an initiative.

We’re telling the leaders in Sacramento to stop playing games with public safety:

-	The Legislature needs to pass clean bills to fight theft – with no poison pills.
-	Governor Newsom should not try to influence, interfere or intimidate Californians from being able to vote on the initiative.
-	Attorney General Bonta should commit to keeping the initiative’s title and summary as-is – no tricky language intended to deceive voters about the substance of the ballot measure.

Add your name up above to join us in demanding honesty and an end to the political games.