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Help with State Agency

To request assistance for an issue you are having with a state agency, please submit the following request form. Staff will follow up by email for additional information, if needed, and to provide updates. Due to the large volume of requests, please allow 5 business days before following up with our office.

For assistance with federal issues (i.e. SSI, visas and passports, etc.) please contact your U.S. Congressional Representative.

For assistance with county or city government, please reach out to your respective elected official. 

Please note that we are unable to intervene in disputes with private entities or legal matters pending in a court. 
Which California state agency do you need assistance with? *
Please note we cannot assist with federal government issues.
For EDD cases only
For DMV cases only
Have you contacted the agency? *
Have you been in contact with another elected official regarding this issue? *
Does the Office of Assemblyman Tri Ta have permission to work with the agency to resolve this issue on your behalf? *