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Would you say things in California are going in the right direction or the wrong direction?
Please select which of the following issues you believe are the most important facing California’s government today?
Select all that apply
How would you describe the current state of California’s economy?
Thinking about your personal financial situation, do you feel like you are getting ahead, holding steady, or falling behind?
Think about the taxes you pay. Do you believe you pay too much, just the right amount, or too little?
Have you given any consideration to moving out of California due to high costs, housing availability, job opportunities, concerns with crime, or any other factors?
In general, is it more important for your elected representatives to…
Over the past few years, would you say crime in your community has…
If you were voting for a state budget, would you vote to increase, maintain, or decrease funding for law enforcement?
Do you think the number of people experiencing homelessness in California is increasing, decreasing, or remaining steady?
Which of the following do you believe is the primary cause of homelessness?
Do you support or oppose mandatory mental health and drug treatment services for chronically homeless individuals?
Do you believe that the lowest performing students in the lowest performing public schools should have the ability to transfer to other, higher-performing public schools?
Do you believe CA is doing enough to fight climate change?