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Please take a moment to identify your priorities for your community

It is an honor to serve and represent you. These last few years have been a challenge due to the COVID pandemic, and the way in which the community came together was inspiring. However, the Legislature’s work is far from done, and your input is important to guide the work to come. Please take a few minutes to complete a Community Survey below.
1) In your opinion, what are the top 3 issues of importance to you? Please select your top 3 most important. *
2) California’s health system status quo results in millions uninsured or underinsured, higher health care spending for lower health outcomes, and health disparities. 

What should California focus on to address this?
3) Housing in California is often too scarce and expensive for many. What should California focus on to address this? *
4) The state has made investments to keep our roads drivable and our public transit operable. What should we prioritize?  *
5) From wildfires, floods, and severe weather, California is impacted by climate change. Select your top two priorities. *
What should Legislators prioritize to address this?