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Youth Priorities Survey - Youth Town Hall

The votes I take have the greatest lasting impact on young people.

I need your help as I work to represent your best interests in California. Please take a moment to let me know what you care about. Share your perspectives and priorities.

I will look at all of the answers and take them into account when I make decisions that affect our state and our future. Join me at my virtual Youth Town Hall on Wednesday, October 20, from 5-6:30pm to hear the results of the survey. 


Please add your age in numbers.
Rate from 1-10 how engaged you feel with your government. 
1 being not engaged at all, 10 being very engaged.
What are the biggest sources of stress in your life? 
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What are your top 3 concerns for the State of California? 
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What qualities do you enjoy about living in your community? 
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How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted you? 
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What are your primary news sources? 
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