Dear Governor Newsom,

For several weeks, faith communities have largely obeyed your Stay-At-Home Except Essential Needs Order. However, it is critical for houses of worship to be included in Stage 2 of California's Pandemic Resilience Roadmap and I write to you requesting you do so.

In the federal administration’s plan to Open up America Again, houses of worship are included in the primary phase with restrictions. Just as it is imperative for all of America to have direct access to their faith again, it is necessary for Californians as well. With proper precautions, churches and other houses of worship can operate safely and help unite communities that desperately need support.

It is unacceptable to restrict this right for the millions of Californians who rely on their faith, especially during this hardship. Again, I ask you to incorporate houses of worship in Stage 2 of California’s reopening plan.