The Honorable Jerry Hill
Chair, Senate Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Committee
State Capitol, Room 5035
Sacramento, CA  95814
RE: Support for SB 806 (Grove)
Dear Senator Hill,
I am writing to express my support for Senate Bill 806 (Grove).  SB 806 would repeal AB 5 (Gonzalez, 2019) and replace it with a new broad, flexible and workable ABC test for determining independent contractor status, a test which supports more worker freedom while saving business relationship opportunities.
AB 5 (Gonzalez, 2019) essentially codifies and applies retroactively the 2018 California Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Dynamex Operations W. v. Superior Court, which prohibits independent contracting unless very restrictive conditions are met (i.e. the ABC Test), or unless the industry/profession is carved out of the new requirements or is able to meet the requirements of a very restrictive 12 factor business to business exemption.
SB 806 will protect the livelihoods of the million freelancers whose opportunities to earn a living have been endangered by the Dynamex decision and AB 5. SB 806 is intended to allow any industry, profession, or business that had legally and appropriately enjoyed independent contractor relationships prior to the Dynamex decision and AB 5 to continue to do so. 
For all the above reasons, I respectfully request that you support SB 806.